How does Mycroft handel the Argument Parsing`´?

How does Mycroft find out what its supposed to do after getting the string from STT, does It try to Parse every string for every skill Padatious/Adapt model (which would be pretty inefficient) or does it somehow parse for everything at once? If there is any Documentation about that a link to that would be nice or if anybody knows where that is defined in the code File and Line would be nice.

Also if anyone has a good flowchart of how mycroft is working a post would be nice.
(I asume it looks something like this: Wake word Detection; Spech to Text; Argument Parsing; Skill Execute; Repeat)

Thanks in Advance and sorry for my bad english. It is also my first post on this forum so if i did something wrong (for example setting the category) please correct me in the replies.

If anybody is interested in why i want to know that:
Im basically plaing on utilizing some mycroft code in an offline voice assistant for my linux laptop (if i have a working programm i will upload the code on github)

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Here is some information on Adapt.

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To extend on the commanders suggestion - an intent is the task the user intends to accomplish when they say something. The role of the intent parser is to extract from the user’s speech key data elements that specify their intent.

We have two intent parsing engines that operate differently, you can find more detail on both here: