How to Install Mycroft GUI app on Picroft

Hi. My name is Nigel. I have Picroft installed on my Raspberry Pi 3B. I want to use this picroft with a graphical user interface (GUI). Please provide me a solution to this problem.
Thanks in advance.

Welcome Nigel!

Did you see this page:

There’s also a forum thread here:

-Mike Mac
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You might want to try the better image than picroft if you have a screen OpenVoiceOS OpenVoiceOS - A bare minimal (production type of) OS based on Buildroot


as AIIX already pointed out this is discussed also in the thread How to Get GUI Working but I sill would point you to the installation guides that I also posted in that thread:
mycroft-gui-mark-2_sys – TTD-Public or my posting at Mycroft-gui on my Mark-II - Simplified app
Hope that helps.

Have fun - Guhl