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How to run a bash script with Mycroft (Complete beginner)


I am completely new to Mycroft. It all seems complex right now.

Please teach me step-by-step how to set up Mycroft and make it run a custom bash script with my voice, on linux ubuntu 18.10.
I have already installed it, what now? (I didnt register my mic, there is no start-mycroft_cli in the mycroft folder)


Hi @v00razz
I think you should split your “problem” up in pieces.

  1. Install mycroft.
    How did you do that ? Did yoy follow this guide ?

  2. Get your audio and mic working with mycroft
    You can find some help here in audio troubleshooting and if that dosnt help ask more here or in the mattermost channel

  3. Extend your Mycroft by installing skils from Market
    Be familar on how to install and remove skills on your Mycroft. Visit the Market

  4. Get a skill that run a shellscript.
    There isnt any skills in market to run a shell script. But someone has made something that can be found on Github. Or look at [Mycroft Skills List}( where there are some if looking for shell.
    But do notise, that skills that arent in the market isnt for sure workingand you do have to read the and look into the code etc.
    If nothing does fit, you can make your own skill that does what you want. And there are plenty of help to do that.

So first thing is to get your mycroft installation working….


Ake made a skill that would run a shell script a long time ago, not sure where it is anymore. But Andlo’s advice is spot on.


That would be this one, and I think it works but isnt in the market.


Hi there @v00razz, welcome, it’s great to have you here.

As @andlo has outlined, your request is really two parts;

  1. To install Mycroft. We have comprehensive instructions for installing on Linux.

  2. Your second requirement is more complicated. We do have a facility for creating your own voice - for instance by recording your own voice, but it does require a lot of effort. The Mimic Recording Studio allows you to record your voice. The recordings then have to be trained using mimic2 link to create a TTS voice.

  3. Custom bash script - I’m not sure what you mean here - could you provide some more details?