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How to use google search in Mycroft , so that it gives search results of google


Hi, I have install mycroft in my linux, now I want if i say who is president of United state?
It should return with answer form google search , How can we do it , any changes and code is helpful


You can write a skill to do. Start here


currently by default mycroft uses its own search engine to perform search how can i change it to google. where i can get accurate result , can we integrate google search api , if yes how ???. or any other help .
I am also know to mycroft skill development so any help for developing skills which fulfill above requirements is helpful


There is currently no API available from Google to perform searches of that type (there used to be a research API available to university researchers, but that was deprecated many years ago). Your best bet would be to write a skill that operates against a structured database of facts such as wikidata, but it’s a very complicated task unless you restrict yourself to a narrow class of facts.


Would the duck duck go API be any good?