Hubitat Integration testing and feedback request

First time skill writer looking for feedback on this skill that allows voice command from Mycroft to control devices on the Hubitat hub

How to install Hubitat Integration

It uses these Python libraries all of which are specified in the manifest

  1. fuzzywuzzy
  2. requests (network)
  3. json
  • SKILL NAME connects to…
    the Hubitat “maker” app in your own Hubitat. The URL and access token must be specified in a setting. The URL defaults to ‘hubitat.local’ which will work in most cases, but you must get the access token from the hubitat app.

How to test SKILL NAME

  • In your Hubitat hub, add one or more devices that can be turned on or off to the Maker app. Devices that can do “setLevel” like dimmers are also helpful. Note the URL and access token which must be specified in the Mycroft Skill Settings.

  • Configure the Skill Settings in Aside from the access info mentioned above, you can also put a “fuzzy” minimum score. A lower number will accept more (and possibly wrong) variants of devices names. Higher makes it more specific. The score 65 seems to work well for me.

  • Speak Intent phrase ‘Turn on’ followed by a device
    Forms that work include
    Turn on/off
    Power on/off
    Set mode

  • Mycroft should send an “on” command to the device and respond with “Ok” or “Done”. if the device does not accept an on command Mycroft should respond saying that the device does not accept an on command.

Similarly, replacing “on” with “off” should send an off command. An intent similar to “set to 50%” should change the brightness if the device accepts a “setLevel” command. Otherwise, Mycroft should respond that the setLevel command is not supported on that device.

An intent similar to “scan for devices” should pick up any new devices that have been added to the Hubitat app.

If the Hubitat is not accessible, a reasonable error message should be spoken.

If the default error (i.e. an uncaught error) ever happens that is a bug.

Where feedback on SKILL NAME should be directed:

Feel free to leave feedback here or as an issue on the github repo (GitHub - burnsfisher/hubitat-integration-skill: Allow mycroft to send commands to a hubitat zigbee and zwave hub

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A new feature (from a few weeks ago actually): If you have a thermostat that reports the temperature as a Hubitat device, you should be able to say “What is the inside temperature?” I can only test this on my one thermostat device, though, and that phrase is awfully close to “What is the temperature” which Mycroft already knows and give you the OUTSIDE temperature.

Even if no one is really testing this skill, I’d be interested to know if anyone is using it. I have totally replaced my Alexa with Mycroft because of this skill.

Another new feature: You can now add “do quietly” when you ask to turn a device (or scene) on or off. This is awkward to speak, but I intend it to be used with the routine skill where I can type “do quietly” at the end of the phrase. This works better if I also have a “say” command in the routine.