I have an idea for a service or plugin not sure how is called(skills?)(update)

Hello, I just contributed to the project on indiegogo because I will like to write a new service/skill that I think will be very useful.
So I have some questions, I apologize if this is already somewhere, I have very fast went over the topics and was not able to see information regarding to this.

  1. is there a doc in how to contribute and extend mycroft (software wise)
  2. if this possible? is the code somewhere we can download to get familiar with?
  3. does it has API’s ?
    well as you can see all my questions are developer focus, so if someone can point me out to this type of information I will apreciate it… thanks!

and I apologise again.
[UPDATE] just saw this below… so then the sdk is out now?
Can I create my own skills for Mycroft?
Yes. You can develop and deploy your own skills for Mycroft. Our SDK will be released April 1, 2016 and will be open to all developers.

@cfernandez, the SDK and all the source code got pushed back on release date substantially. But if you keep your eyes peeled today…

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