ImportError: No module named speech_recognition when start Mycroft project

Hey froum mems
Now i am trying build mycroft in ubuntu 16
But somethings woring after i started mycroft

I said that " No module named speech_recognition" but when i check : pip list , it show i installed speech_recognition
When setup mycroft that i skipped install Mimic , does that make effect project and make error ?

Plz help me
Tks :smile:

Hi there @nguyenhungsync, in order to help troubleshoot could you please let me know what sort of hardware you’re running on - that looks like an Orange Pi, is that right? And it’s running Ubuntu 16.04?

While I’m not familiar enough with the specifics here to say for sure, the fact that it’s looking for speech_recognition rather than SpeechRecongition may be part of the issue there? Even if it’s case-insensitive (which I don’t know one way or the other), that _ would still make a difference, I’d imagine.

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@KathyReid yes, i am using Orange Pi and running ubuntu 16

speech_recognition or SpeechRecongition , both of them i tested but error

They are one and the same.
Quickstart: pip install SpeechRecognition. See the “Installing” section for more details.
To quickly try it out, run python -m speech_recognition after installing.

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Hi @nguyenhungsync, I haven’t seen this error before, because we don’t recommend the Orange Pi as recommended hardware for Picroft. Even so, I will sill try to assist you the best I can.

From memory, the Speech_Recognition package requires Python 3.3 or higher. Mycroft is built around Python 2.7 - although we’ll be moving to Python 3x later in the year.

If you do pip install speech_recognition what happens?

Best, Kathy

Oh, that reminds me… I remember reading someplace that you can specify which Python you want pip to interact with when you have multiple versions installed by replacing pip in the command with pip2 or pip2.7 (apparently it varies which one you need to use between different OS variants? IIRC when I was trying (and failing) to install things in Cygwin I used pip2 quite a bit.) not sure how much that helps, but I figure it can’t hurt to try it if other things don’t work out first.