Include Play Spotify in Dinkum

I realize this skill requires you to configure it on the CLI after getting an API key, and i know Dinkum is meant to be retail friendly, but creating spotify api keys is something more and more people do for things like discord bots. I really think this should be included. Specifically this skill Mycroft Marketplace

I dont know if you’ve done any usability testing with families, but asking the voice assistant to play a specific song is really common for kids like mine and its a total dealbreaker to not have this.

Hey, thanks for posting this. I was waiting for it to come up really.

At the moment I think the chances of Spotify coming to the Mark II in any official capacity are close to zero. They forbid the use of their service on any voice assistant even for Premium Spotify customers, and they haven’t been willing to engage in any conversation with us about this. Whilst they cry unfair at Apple for creating a walled garden, in my personal opinion they themselves are engaging in exactly the same conduct around voice products.

Providing a streaming service with song selection is definitely on the cards, it just likely won’t be Spotify.

Of course the hardware and software are completely open so if end-users add a Spotify Skill and configure it using their own API key that’s in no way connected with Mycroft as a company :slight_smile:

How about Napster? They seem to promote an open platform. On:

I see the text “Developers can interact with the Napster Platform in a number of ways. These docs aim to make the process as clear and simple as possible.”

They also compensate artists fairly well.


-Mike Mac

I think it will be the same process as using this skill for Spotify, an API key is required and once you got it you can do everything you usually do with the Spotify client.

Thanks @goldyfruit - guess I’ll sign up with Napster (US $10/month) and give it a try.

-Mike Mac
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Perhaps a generic music streaming skill that requires an api key + url in the config page on the MyCroft website?

Similar to how you can specify new news sources for the news skill. I could jusr provide my own spotify api key and url, whereas someone else using this skill can give the same for some other service

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Apples and oranges … news is basically free, there are so many options … for music, I feel the artists need to be compensated for their work, so there are services that people pay for. It seems Mycroft tried to work with services such as Pandora and Spotify, but they didn’t want Mycroft voice to drive the music playing.

“I could jusr provide my own spotify api key and url” … that is what used to work, but as I understand it, Spotify changed the rules… Hopefully Napster is different … I want to try this avenue, but so many things to do, so little time …

Hope this helps…

-Mike Mac
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:wink: “Wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean.”

Is this skill adaptable to a Mark 2? I would happily give it a go but I’ve only just learned how to port the Hello World skill …

Just having a closer look - it suggests installing raspotify … I tried but it has a bunch of unmet dependencies on my Mark 2

Unmet minimum required package version(s):

coreutils >= 8.32 is required but 8.30-3ubuntu2 is installed.
systemd >= 247.3 is required but 245.4-4ubuntu3.19 is installed.
libasound2 >= 1.2.4 is required but 1.2.2-2.1ubuntu2.5 is installed.
alsa-utils >= 1.2.4 is required but 1.2.2-1ubuntu2.1 is installed.

Please make sure you are running a compatible armhf (ARMv7), arm64, or amd64 Debian based OS.

Couldn’t agree more - the first thing my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter tried was ‘Hey Mycroft play jingle bells’ … and got very cross that it couldn’t play a specific song.

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if end-users add a Spotify Skill and configure it using their own API key that’s in no way connected with Mycroft as a company :slight_smile:

I’d love to be able to add a Spotify skill but all I have to go on for the Mark II is how to port the hello world skill. How do I get started?