Installing Mycroft on an Ecobee Voice Control Thermostat

My background: I’m a project manager for an IT company with a strong logistics background. In other words, I’m not very technical but I manage people who are, so I may not know exactly what I am asking so please bear with me if I don’t know exactly what this would require.

Feature request: Newer Ecobee thermostats have built in microphones and speakers, they can integrate with Amazon Alexa and Apple’s voice assistants. I’m in a position where I can ask developers about integrating mycroft into this device but I don’t know what the requirements would be on the Mycroft side to load Mycroft onto an ecobee thermostat.

Can someone tell me what access would be requred, or what would need to happen for Mycroft to run off of an ecobee? Would this be a full install of Mycroft, or HiveMind? Coordination/communication between ecobee and Mycroft? I’m not necessarily looking for someone to hack the ecobee, but rather the requirements so that I can bring this question up with some on their team for cooperation, or permission to add mycroft.

I use Mycroft to control home assistant so it would be great to have more than 1 device that can control my home. I’m looking forward to the Mark II but at $300 a device I’m not going to fill my house with these, so any other options for integration with existing devices would be helpful.

Its only a cortex A35 but dependent on layout they are lower power alternatives to the Pi3 A53 (Clever of arm to name so :slight_smile: ) but they do tend to be cut down and slower and may even be a rockchip rk3308 but likely a Pi0-2 has more punch.
Radxa do a SBC but they have made a mess of the ADC as its really noisy as PDC mics are relatively expensive and IMO inferior.
They are $16.99 and if you manage to get Mycroft running on one of those (prob one of the most cut down a35) then the answer is probably yes but have doubts you will.

At guess maybe a i.MX 8X