Interact with Mark II via remote Bluetooth device

Hello- I see there are other posts in the forums on this topic, but adding this to the Mark 2 would make it a lot more useful device… especially microphones in other areas.

Hey there,

Thanks for posting the feature request.

We’ve been looking a little at adding the ability to use bluetooth to play music and other media on the Mark II. Is that what you mean by output? Or do you mean outputting the Mark II audio to a bluetooth speaker?

Using bluetooth for additional mics is an interesting prospect. Are you imagining that these would be in the same room, or are you thinking about small satellite units that connect to a central Mycroft instance? Eg a small mic+speaker in your bedroom that is processing all commands on your primary Mark II that is in your lounge room (just as a hypothetical scenario)

Hello- I was thinking about the small satellite units as you described, to extend the ability to use Mycroft in other areas. It would be a great use of the bluetooth speakers most people seem to have a few of these days- and most of them have mics, to be used as speakerphones. I wouldn’t need Mycroft to be another of those!
Thanks for responding, I’m enjoying the Mark II so far! I’ve got it playing music on a USB drive but am looking forward to being able to connect it to a Raspberry Pi NAS that holds all my music via a samba share if that will be a possibility with the jukebox software?



Yeah cool - I’ve updated the title to hopefully make it clear for others that this feature request is specifically about the satellite devices idea. It’s useful for us to see how many people vote for different ideas to gauge where broader community interest is.

In terms of the samba share, I was actually looking at this for myself yesterday. It seems there is a long standing bug in libsmbclient - but I’ve made a dedicated feature request thread for this here: