Interfacing mycroft with gps


Hey has anyone figured out (or know steps to take to figure out) how to connect or even write a skill for mycroft gps skill? I was very interested in the MycroftKITT topic. This is just a theory but its easy to put mycroft into the car (somehow connect the car speakers to output mycrofts responses) and figure out a way to get mycroft to give you maybe turn by turn or (im reaching for the stars here) display it on a screen. Maybe connect mycroft to an open sourced gps?


@JustAnotherGuy that’s a great idea! No one here’s interfaced with GPS that I know of, but I’d be interested if anyone in the community has similar thoughts?


There are lots of “carputer” raspberry pi projects online that could be leveraged for someone with a bit of ambition. Read up on openstreetmaps and Navit and that should point you in the right direction.
Keep us posted on your progress.