Intro to my AI life

I thought i would stop by and introduce myself, my online name is drave.
Which is a nickname some friends gave me back in highschool and it just stuck.
I have grown to like it, so i use it.
I am in my early 30’s, currently working as a lvl 3 Repair Technician for amazon.
Due to medical complications, i have finally graduated from college with my Associates in Cisco Networking.
I love to dabble with linux, (Gentoo and Fedora are my favorites).

I have been interested in the raspberry pi for awhile, but have been a little busy to actually get into it.
I finally decided enough is enough and took the plunge and was planning on an AI of my own, when I came across Mycroft in a search for ideas to run on the Pi.
I am very pleased at what i have been reading.

I installed picroft onto a raspberry 3 B+, i have read people have had issues with it.
However i have yet to run into any issues, i have updated the environment to use pixel.
I am interested in using the avatar that Tree-Industries is making, tho i do wish it was using a different engine.
I personally don’t like unity, I prefer Unreal Engine in my Game Development.
I do plan on making several things voice controlled, maybe a bit automation.
I ordered a ps eyecam for the microphone, and I am currently using a smart projector (spro2) for video and audio.

Later into the future i will be making adjustments to both, just not sure what i will do as of yet.
I have a friend that is an electrical engineer, so hopefully he will help with some stuff, and i have another friend that is a voice actor. so i am definitely going to be looking into adding a custom voice to it.

I also have a new server on its way, and the Personal-Server project looks like something i will be contributing to as well.


Welcome to the community Drave!

Great to hear you had no troubles in getting setup. Tree industries does some very cool stuff!

With your experience in game development it would be great to get your perspective on this tool by ServoLabs that uses behaviour trees for creating and visualising skills and conversational interaction. We are exploring whether it’s a good fit for Mycroft.

Look forward to hearing how all your future projects go!

As i watched the demo.
I believe it would benefit businesses more then for personal use, Unless it was made into a chat bot.
As for adding it into Mycroft. Could have it set to idle chat skill. Say there was no response from user and/or “mycroft” didnt recently play music or something of that nature.
set a check IF mycroft idle time = ?? minutes, ask a random question. If Else = check idle time in ?? minutes. could also be edited via “mycroft”.
some people like to chat… some people like quietness… it would be a learning experience for the “mycroft” skill

i say “mycroft” due to that fact not every “mycroft” is actually name or referred to Mycroft

Yeah a few people have been suggesting that it will be more useful for business and enterprise than personal use.

I would be skeptical about a skill that bugged me with questions on a regular basis, but maybe I’m just not thinking of the right use case… or I’m just one of the quiet lovers :slight_smile: