Introducing Mycroft Translate


I translated just a few german words/sentences. But now it seems that all phrases have already been translated to german. Is there nothing more to translate or do i miss something?



Exactly, currently there are no more german translation left…


German translation is completed for now, but we intend to upload new Skill data very soon. We are working on getting this automated.


I’m sorry to “repost”, but is it possible my questions got lost in the thread ?
@KathyReid, maybe you could help me ?


Hi there @dalgwen, firstly my apologies, I did miss your message in the thread.


We plan to implement the Roles that are outlined over the next few weeks - our initial release of Mycroft Translate was very much a minimum viable product. We also need to grow each language Community so that there are people involved who may wish to take on the Language Chair role for each language. So, yes, this will be enforced soon.


We’re very intereted in hearing from the Translate Community around what sort of workflow the Community feels is most appropriate; we take a lot of the cues for what we do from our Community - after all our Community is a huge part of the success of the Mycroft ecosystem. Personally, I think you’ve captured a great approach - focus on quantity of translations first, then we can go back and refine for quality later on.

Exporting translations from Pootle to GitHub

My esteemed colleage @forslund has recently been working on an automation for this part of the workflow. The automation will take the translated phrases from Pootle, then using the GitHub API, will open PRs on the relevant Skills. If the Skills are under Mycroft control, then they will be auto-merged, or if not, it will be up to the Skill Author to accept the merge request - as always giving the Skill Author control over their work.

API access to Pootle data

Great question. We’re using version 2.8.2 of Pootle which doesn’t seem to have the API documented, so I don’t have a clear answer for you on this one yet I’m afraid.

Kind regards, Kathy


Great !
Thank you for your reply.

Just one question remains (maybe other people in this thread can answer):

  • Is there a way to validate a suggestion ? Pootle documentation seems to show a green check to validate one, but I cannot see anything like this in my interface.

Is this check also missing on your interface, or is it just me ?


@dalgwen you’re very welcome.

Validation won’t be available unfortunately until we implement the permissions framework.


More German translations now available :slight_smile:



Great. It’s a simple way to support the mycroft project.

Los geht’s mit der Übersetzung :slight_smile: .


I’m unsure about the kind of tranlation of plugins.
When i should translate >>> “FindTaskOnList”: [ <<< i am not sure if this should be translated?
It seems more like a constant or variable name from the source code of the plugin.

Should i skip these kind of translations?
If it should be translated which of the following options would be the best?

a) “FindTaskOnList”: [ --> “FindeAufgabeAufListe”: [
b) “FindTaskOnList”: [ --> “Finde Aufgabe auf Liste”: [


Ciao @KathyReid

the italian translation is almost completed on
but i do not see any merge in the periodic skills update

what is missing ?


Ciao @aleale99

Thanks so much for all your work on the Italian translations! I’ve only started this week (taking over from Kathy) and I’m still getting my bearings, but I’ll jump in and take a look at why they aren’t merging over the next few days.


Hi @aleale99

I checked in with the team and these translations should start getting pulled across over the weekend.

Thanks again for such a huge effort too. I can’t believe there are only a few hundreds translations left in Italian!