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Is there a way to turn on email notifications for this forum?


Sorry for the dumb question but I cannot figure out how to turn on email notifications for watched topics? I thought I looked everywhere but I am hoping someone will point out that I have not and let me know where to set this. Thanks.


Go to Settings, then preferences, then emails.
Click your icon in the upper right to start.


No silly questions here, @simonmason, all questions welcome:


Thanks - I think I have everything turned on here. I received notifications up to 9/6/18 and then nothing after that. Checked all spam folders, etc. Nothing. I am going to try turning off all notification options and then turning them on again to see if that makes a difference.


Hey @simonmason I checked your account and everything seems fine from our end. If turning all the notifications on and off again doesn’t work let me know and I can check what’s happening on the server.