Jarbas's Skills


new skill


  • scraps wikipedia for words from european scrabble list, saves summary.txt to disk
  • teaches you random things


new skill

feedback skill

  • gives last executed skill a chance to react to negative or positive feedback messages

skill: https://github.com/JarbasAI/mycroft-feedback-skill

example, you say “good job” after “shenanigans skill” executed, if the skill implemented a feedback(sentiment, utterance) method it can do something like speak “my job is to serve” or adjust probabilities of whatever


new skill

mute skill

  • enables/disables speech

skill: https://github.com/JarbasAI/mycroft---mute-skill


new skill

konami code

  • sequential input of konami code
  • activates god mode

skill: https://github.com/JarbasAI/mycroft---konami-code


made updates to objectives skill , i wanted to make it easy for any skill to register an objective

now it is possible to do it almost like registering an intent by using the ObjectiveBuilder class


from mycroft.skills.objective_skill import ObjectiveBuilder

in skill initialize()

objective name

name = "test"
my_objective = ObjectiveBuilder(name)

create way

goal = "test this shit"
intent = "speak"
intent_params = {“utterance”:“this is test”}

register way for goal, if goal doesnt exist its created

my_objective.add_way(goal, intent, intent_params)

do my_objective.add_way() as many times as needed for as many goals as desired

get objective intent and handler

intent , self.handler = my_objective.get_objective_intent()

register an intent to execute this objective by its name
objective can still be executed without this line by saying objective objective_name

self.register_intent(intent, self.handler)

everyone can give “multiple choice” skills to mycroft now :slight_smile: still under development but works

TODO: let user define how to trigger objective intent instead of auto-using name


astronomy picture of the day skill

near earth object tracking skill

epic - earth polycromatic imaging camera - near real time earth pictures from space


Awesome work, Jarbas. Sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to grab all your skills into the Skills-Repo yet. I’ll get on it in the next day or two.


made a very simple graphic user interface

or the jarbas version (contains objectives)



Abstract picture display from being implemented inside skills

Display backends can be added, suggestions for more?

gtk backend and opencv (wip - broken) backends available


morse code TTS, instead of speaking play morse-code sounds


i need to update this…

new Browser Service, ask cleverbot intent included as bonus/demo


Hi Jarbas,

what is the best way to get your full repository going.
Can pull via Git, run the install instructions as per Mycroft instructions.

What else needs to be adjusted (apart from the requirements per Skill as documented)



im not sure what else would be needed, i will try to install it on my server and fix all complains, stay tunned for easy install!

meanwhile if you try it, please report any errors

i am working on a stable branch, because i use dev branch as online backup/diary and stuff gets broken all the time

also making documentation for my stuff has i add it