Linux Desktop and Phone Integration


Steam is also rolling out software applications for steamos. I wonder if they can run in the background…?


Any projects interested in implementing this, we really need some point of contact in each community or organization. Compiling a list of those somewhere might be really useful.


Haven’t used it myself, but I’ve seen videos of people running Netflix and YouTube on it using Chrome. Big picture mode appears to always run in the background, whether you’re gaming or using something like google chrome.

  1. Make Mycroft sound/behave like GLaDOS
  2. Contact Valve to integrate it in SteamOS by default
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT!


This article wildly speculates… ahem, sorry, I mean ‘suggests’ that the SteamVR (Re)Vive has a mic which apparently raises “an interesting question about the possibility of Siri-style voice input”

If it doesn’t then it might just need one. If it does, hopefully it’ll be open, although I don’t think their voice-chat server is at the moment, so they may well just go and sign up with a proprietary one…


@ryanleesipes I’ve talk to XBMC team member last month during the OpenSource Summit Paris. In fact, all the work and help are centralized around the forum.

I think you could find all the information need here :

The best I think is to create an add-on, that can talk to Mycroft over the network


Great info @Winael! I am making a note of this, interesting stuff!


I have to share the info on snappy-devel-app as well because could be nice to install kodi in 1-click on a snappy device.

Talking about desktop integration, you should talk to UAVIA. It’s a french company which create drones 100% remotely over IP under Snappy for B2B. So I think that Mycroft could remote them easily.


I think you guys should look into AutoRemote and how it integrates an Android phone with a PC. Granted these are platforms you all aren’t using at the moment, I realize that. However I am not talking about porting it over. I am simply talking about replicating the process. For those of you who do not know, AutoRemote is a Tasker plugin. With AutoRemote you can send files or notifications in between devices. For example, lets say you open a web page on your browser, you can share it to your PC or vice versa. If you guys were to create something that works a lot like AutoRemote, it would be very beneficial.

A Kodi integration would not only be huge, but wildly popular @Autonomouse