localMusicPlayerSkill Feedback and Help


I was missing a skill to play and search my huge music library, so i wrote one.
I would really appreciate any kind of feedback, proposals or help to get the skill into the marketplace.
Nobody should ever be missing features :wink:
(Any help getting the requirements.sh right is also welcome)

How to install localMusicPlayer-skill

How to test localMusicPlayerSkill

  • Configure the Skill Settings in home.mycroft.ai
    • set path to music

Please test any way you see fit, I’ll be happy about any kind of feedback or help.
I have been using the skill for a couple months myself and it works the way i wanted to.

Feedback localMusicPlayerSkill should be directed a

Feel free to contact me at colla69@gmail.com
or simply comment here


What a great idea and great skill. Not that I have a big local music collection, but I do know people that have.

What I would suggest is that avoid using self.speak(“something”) and use self.speak_dialog(‘dialogfile’) as that makes it easier to translate to other languages.

Also you could benefit of using the common play framework so the skill will fit into mycroft if there are more than your music skills.

Also you can install requierements by adding requierements.sh (for os installation) or requierements.txt (for pip installation) of external reguierements.


I can do that… :slight_smile: also have you got any ideas for answers that are recognizable?
active and inactive sound the same if the music is playing :sweat:


No not really. :slight_smile:
I did edit m previosly post nd ading more ideas to…