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Manual installation on raspberry pi

I’m new in this forum and I recently discovered the mycroft project.

I would like to install picroft on a existing os like home assistant. I have two questions :
1 it’s possible to install manually the picroft on a existing raspbian image ?

2 The raspberry pi is capable to run simultaneously Hass and picroft ?


Maybe do it the other way round as the docker hass is very easy

  1. yes, follow instructions for Linux installation

  2. and Mycroft in parallel on a RPI3/4 will probably work, but I would keep my home automation always seperated from other tasks. You don’t want to sit in a dark and cold house because a Mycroft update broke a dependency from Stuart’s suggestion on using Docker could help here though…

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I just ran that on a Pi4-2gb on the Mycroft image

Seem to work fine for load.

Has anyone ever done a docker for Mycroft?

Never tried it myself, but there are some instruction for Mycroft on Docker available.

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Thanks for your answers, I will look to use docker