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Mark 1 location and timezone


Is there anyway to get a notice when the server side issues are fixed?
I really would like my mycroft to give me the correct time and weather.


@clqualls Are you on MatterMost yet? We have been posting updates in there in real time. Also, we will broadcast it out when we have the fix implemented. Just so you know, we are experiencing about a 95% uptime right now. This is with a fix that we don’t expect to be final fix, but we wanted to get that implemented so we have some time to execute on the real fix.


I am having the same problem, the time zone is 4 hours east of me, haven’t even tried weather. I just did the install patch bit and was hoping that would fix the problem.


Hi @Stephen_Northcutt, we’re tracking a location bug at the moment with setting incorrect locations. Are you able to let me know which location you selected?

If you’re technical, a copy of your web_config_cache.json would be helpful for us as well.