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Mark I - white eyes, boot doesn't finish, 'Reset' doesn't work

This just started 1 week ago. I have had issues updating in the past where she would get ‘stuck’, but I don’t see anything about an update being released.

She boots, if I pull the power, through yellow eyes to white and then doesn’t go any further. ‘Restart’ will reboot her, but she goes back to the same spot. ‘Reset’ prompted for ‘Wipe’ and ‘No’, but selecting ‘Wipe’ didn’t seem to do anything.

Getting ready to pull her apart and do a manual SD card restore. Anyone. else having any issues.

Hey, that does sound like a weird one.

The other thing you can do is reinstall Mycroft by switching to the dev channel and back:

sudo mycroft-use unstable
sudo mycroft-use stable

These take time, but it is slightly easier than reflashing the sd card sometimes.


Thanks for the tips. This worked to get her back to the blue eyes and working.

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Yay, good to hear. I’ve added this to the Mark 1 troubleshooting docs

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One other note here.

Getting her back to the Google voice and she is having issues. Changed her to ‘American Male’ without an issue. Changed her to ‘Google Voice’ and she is stuck on the yellow eyes.