Mark II Doesn't retain configuration after restart

I setup my mycroft, it was working fine. I asked it a few questions, had it play music. After the music it seemed buggy. So I power cycled it. It was probably running for 30 minutes as I messed with it before power cycling. After power cycling it came back up as a brand new install asking me to setup network.

What takes should I take to resolve? Does it need additional storage?


Quick update, I am no longer having an issue.

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Hi Mick,

Sorry for the delayed response, but glad it’s working now.

The Wifi setup is one aspect that we don’t think is 100% yet. It currently uses a fork of the Wifi Connect package from Balena and it has some limitations. One of these is how long it attempts to connect to existing networks before jumping into setup mode again. So likely your wifi configuration was still on disk, but at some point it needs to stop trying to connect and use the wifi module to create the Mycroft temporary access point.

We’re chatting with the team at Balena, and also considering how else we might make the Wifi setup and management more robust.

I’m going to add this to the new Feature Request category so that we can hopefully get a sense of how much this is impacting people and how important it is for us to prioritize this work.


I would just like to add that I’m having issues with this as well. I have the Mark II in an area of my house where the wifi signal isn’t the strongest (although other devices can connect OK, including another Raspberry Pi 4 that I use as an emulation retro gaming system), and I sometimes have to go through the wifi setup process several times before it “takes.” Very frustrating.