Mark1: way too sensitive triggering

tl;dr is there an easy way for me to tone-down the mycroft’s thresholds to respond?

I finally just turned the mark1 off. It’s been setup for 48 hours, in our kitchen (center of our home). There are plenty of little/obvious quirks I can try to sit down and debug with it, but there’s one that just caused me to finally turn off the device altogether. That’s it’s triggering. Basically every time you’re in the kitchen having a conversation with someone (or even if it’s just you, and the cat is meowing at you), you’ll hear a continuous stream of “sorry, I didn’t understand that”; You don’t have to say anything that sounds remotely like “mycroft” or “ok” for this to happen.

This over-triggering is even true when listening to news. The NPR stream emitting from the mycroft causes the mycroft to start responding, “sorry I don’t know what [wrong word from newscaster] is”

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I have mine in my bedroom at the opposite end of the room and it’s constantly responding to the TV. It also keeps responding to no sound at all.