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Mascot Mycroft Contest

Hey all!

Got another contest going. I know we have a bunch of designers who are interested in Mycroft and have already signed up in the community. This contest is for them! We are looking for the best Mycroft “mascot”. An illustrated version of Mycroft that we can plaster all over the Internet! I’ll even make a 3D version of it and send it to the winner!

So, make your best version of an illustrated Mycroft mascot (I, personally, picture an anime version of Mycroft). Then post it here! @Derick, @Senseiner, @zachspears, and I will decide the winner(s)!

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Oh how fun! When does this contest end?

Good question, I’m thinking in a week (depends on feedback and how many submissions start coming in).

Awesome. I’m doing this.


I made a vector Mycroft that has a slight perspective on it. I will probably clean up the footie paths and colors. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them and I’ll make another version if it looks good. I’m interested in exploring other styles too :smiley:.

Things I’ve tried and liked, but didn’t include:

  • Edges (1 to 4 pixel vertical darker and lighter portions like in Material Design)
  • Shadows
  • The rest of the 32x8 LCD as dark grey circles



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I think more rounded might be neat. Like a chibi version (that’s what I picture).

Do you want the light to be from the left to right? To follow other elements of any website I’d choose top to bottom or top left to bottom right.

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Top left to bottom right is typical. I’m really not sure what would look best! :slight_smile:


I know this wasn’t what you were looking for, it was just fun.

It’s all good! That’s what the community is for - fun!

Mycroft looks like E.T.

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Ghost in the Machine. @zachspears, here is your ghost. Lol.

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Yes, or Ghost in the (Io)Things :grin: …the idea was a mix between a ghost (better a poltergeist that move/active/deactive the objects in the infested houses) and a balloon to recall the mycroft’s speech capacities.
The last one also could allow its use with the other software mascots to indicate their vocal skills thx to mycroft.
It does not seem but I have done a detailed study before proposing it :joy:

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I think this is a neat idea. The eye color seems a bit harsh. Would like to see another iteration of this. Very interesting.

Colors and also the look are not a problem. I’ve done all in Inkscape so it’s very easy to change every aspect of it.I’m totally open to any change :wink:
Here a set of some possible mascot iteration (or emojii :joy:) with lighter eye color:

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@daniel you still looking at doing this?

Yes I am, just a little busy.

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