Matrix Voice, Mic Problem

Hi there!

I have a matrix voice, installed it via installer.
When i test the mic via mycroft-mic-test, everything seems to be ok.
When i start via mycroft-cli-client, it seems to work as well, i have a working mic counter, whenever i speak, the numbers go up, which is a good sign.
However, there is no response whatsoever (except the mic counter)
i normally connect via ssh, when i open a second connection and try to overrule the mic via mycroft-say-to , it works via text, so definitely the mic or the voice recognition is the problem. I don’t so any errors, the install is fresh, what can i do???

Hi philofive,

Welcome to the community!

Does your problem sound like the same as others here:

If you can send in some logs as I suggested in the other thread, we’ll take a look. This isn’t something I’ve seen before, but clearly you are not alone.

I tried to reinstall, however, it seems, that matrixio-kernel-modules is currently broken. So it seems to be a Matrix-Problem independently from Mycroft

Ah that’s a shame, but good to know for us, thanks for reporting back :slight_smile: