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Mattermost for Mycroft - Skill testing and feedback


Mattermost For Mycroft

Monitor Mattermost for Mycroft a.k.a. and find out if you have been mentioned or if there are unread messages. Messages can be read by Mycroft as well.

How to install skill ‘Mattermost for Mycroft’

  • Install Mattermost for Mycroft by …

    • SSH into your Mycroft device and type
      mycroft-msm install
    • There are dependencies in form of some Python packages which are listed in requirements.txt. They should be automatically installed by mycroft-msm, if not run mycroft-pip install ... for each line of requirements.txt.
  • Mattermost for Mycroft configuration

    • You need an valid account for Type in your login information at under section ‘Mattermost for Mycroft’. Use your email as login-id.
      WARNING: your password will be stored in clear text in your local settings.json
    • Your Username is most likely different from your login-id and must be typed exactly as shown at -> Account settings -> General
    • If you have a personal access token (you must file a token-request to the admins of you can use that instead of login-id/password.
      NOTE: Username is still required when using a token.

NOTE: for unknown reasons sometimes a restart of mycroft-skill service (or reboot of your Mycroft device) is necessary to reflect configuration change…

How to test Mattermost for Mycroft

  • Configure the Skill Settings in
  • Speak Hey Mycroft, are there unread messages on mattermost?
  • Mycroft should answer something like there are 3 unread messages on mattermost
    (this might take a few seconds as the skill must retrieve your channel subscriptions and check for unread messages)

Try all intents:

  • “Are there unread messages on Mattermost”
  • “Name Mattermost channels with unread messages”
  • “Read messages for channel {name}”
  • “Read all unread messages”
  • “Begin monitoring of mattermost” - this activates a scheduler that checks every 10 minutes (default) for unread messages and mentions. If you have enabled ‘Notify on updates’ (disabled by default) Mycroft will announce new unread messages. Defaults can be changed in the skills configuration at
  • “End monitoring of mattermost”

Mycroft should have an answer to all intents.

Where feedback on Mattermost for Mycroft skill should be directed a

Please give feedback on this skill through Issues on GitHub, via email or via Mycroft Chat.

Mattermost for Mycroft