Mic just stopped working, Weird Right? and will not come back! Local, USB or Mic Jack

Doesn´t seem to change anything. Tried both setting the phonemes to empty or default (which it was on already).

We’ve had ssl problems running it on stretch so we haven’t tested any futher then that. Are you running from a git install or from the debiab package install?

Plain git intall like it is described on the dec page for the linux installation.
Apart from the mic issue mycroft works just fine.

Short update:
I have now tried a fresh install with the picroft image and got the same error, mycroft stops listening on the microphone after a while.
I also tried a different microphone, this time a usb headset and had the same problem again.

Since I am not too familiar with the mycroft-core code could any of you point me at a place where I could start to debug this from in the code itself. As I see it at the moment the Recognizer Loop somehow goes dead withouth throwing an error.

After digging around in the code for a bit I found the problem. The PyAudio stream.read() starts throwing IOErrors and therefore the AudioProducer Thread.
The fix proposed in https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10733903/pyaudio-input-overflowed (the thread was referenced in the code itself) to pass an exception_on_overflow flag to the read method fixes the problem.
I´ll open an issue on github with the proposed fix as soon as I have time for it.

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Hi, I was having similar issues with the mic and spotted your comment on the ‘ssl issues’ - so I did a fresh Ubuntu Mate 16.04 install, Kinect disconnected and no drivers, instead using usb mic & headset & audio jack - all installed from the console.

Did you mean ‘ssh issues’ ? As that’s what I’m seeing.

Running from console is (for the most part fine - a few things that seem to cause sound hangs) - but mic does stay up and listening for hours.

However, using ssh to login and run mycroft, the mic hangs after a few seconds.
Run it from GUI console and all is ok again.