Missing mic level

I am testing out different USB microphones. I get the audio record, wake, word, etc… Now the mic-level on the client does not register anything, like as if mic is disconnected.

Anyone know where I can probe around to fix?

Have you tried just rebooting? A similar thing has happened to be on rare occasion with a Picroft–rebooting fixed it. Annoying, but I suspect it is an issue with the underlying OS and sound layers.

I swear I must have rebooted too many times to count, when I was trying to pin down the malfunction. As it turns out, I must need to shut it down, forget about it, then try again in a few days. Poof. It magically fix itself.

Rebooting does fix little glitches in the audio. I can see it is a little sensitive to a little hangup, cause the mp3 or wav interpretor to call it quits until a system restart is called for.