Mk2 no longer connecting to internet

My mark2, which has been booting fine, suddenly decided tonight to not being able to connect to the internet. It instead, on boot up, comes up with a procedure where it creates a “mycroft” network, which you connect to on a smartphone, and enter credentials etc there.
That didn’t work.
Booted it up with a LAN connection, same failure.
Re-imaged a spare usb, created from a backup of my previously working usb, and tried that. Same results.
My question is, what has changed ? There’s also some similar complaints in the “chat” area.
Its a standard mark2 with dinkum software. Was working fine till I rebooted.

must admit Gez, am not a fan of some device that when it can’t connect to its server, telling me my internet is down. This was made worse as then it decided it needed the wifi setting up again, said that failed, and didn’t seem to notice that it also had an ethernet cable plugged in.
How about just pinging or something then telling me it can’t connect to some server somewhere ?
Bit of a weak link in the chain there if it won’t boot up fully.

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I got sick enough of the constant wifi setup prompts that I’m now using the Dinkum sandbox image for the express purpose of being able to configure the wifi in the wpa_supplicant.conf and never have to deal with it again. The Mark II works fine now with no connectivity problems whatsoever (even though the it’s in the exact same spot where the official Dinkum image would get stuck in an infinite wifi setup loop).

yes, don’t quite understand what its doing here. My wifi is the same I’ve been using for the last few weeks. With their server being down, it went thru the process of making me input it in again. This morning, when it was powered up again, it went thru the whole process again.
Where exactly is the wifi SSID/password stored locally ? And is there some sort of flag set thats making it think it needs to be set up (yet) again ?