More info about installed skills (Mycroft Radio specifically)

I wanted to know where can I find more info about Mycroft Radio.
Basically I want to know what all stations are available. I can see links to radios at but I don’t think all these stations are available, Or are they?

From what I can tell, for the Radio skill, you can request music from any one of these tags, Where the tags are the genres.

The skill seems to only support: play [genre]

Where play [station] or play [artist] rarely works form me. And getting a list of stations and/or artists that work will require playing around with the API.

The GitHub repo for the Radio Skill explains as much:

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That makes sense.
I kept trying to play [station], tags definitely don’t include all stations listed as far as I can see.
Hopefully there is an update for playing particular station, I’m not sure if artist can be supported in same way but that would be good as well.

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Hey there, thanks for starting the conversation on this. I think there’s a lot of potential for this Skill to improve.

I’ve bumped it over to the feature request category so that others can vote it up if they want it prioritized.

A small clarification the version running on the Mark II is here:

There are a few ways that the Skill reduces the list of stations. Stations found to be bad should get skipped automatically (:crossed_fingers:), and recently we added in a simple language filter. By default it will only return English language stations, but this can be changed in your Skill settings either to a different language, or to have no preference.


I have also found that “Play radio [city]” works pretty consistently, creating a genre from the city tag. There is then a list of from one to several stations that can be scrolled through using the “next/last” buttons (look like |< or >| ). I have no idea how it decides the number of stations or who makes the cut, but I’m guessing there’s a cutoff threshold for “clicks”

A good feature to add, as a work around for STT parsing of station names, would be to allow presets (eg., “Mycroft play radio preset [#]”) You could set up the presets in the skill configuration, where you attach the “name” field from the desired station as listed on to your preset number.

Either my Mark II doesn’t support Play radio [city] or there are specific cities supported by it.
Tried few cities and they didn’t work

Possibly I jumped to a conclusion with n=3. Nashville and Austin both worked, then I tried Charleston, and when that worked, I figured it was a general thing. Maybe check those out on yours just to see if it’s a version thing or something?

radio Austin worked so I guess selective cities.

I tried “radio ga ga” (trying to play off a queen album).
Didn’t work, understandably :smile:

Maybe another work around would be to add a unique (fictional?) city tag to a station of interest (that doesn’t already have one), and upvote it until it appears when you request radio from that city :rofl: I guess you could do that with genre too, but I imagine most stations are already given a genre.