More Mark II wishlists

ability to load some of the existing skills out there.
more, up to date docs. (it was only after the last doc update that I discovered I had a touch screen !)
support for playlists for playing local music.
either nfs or samba support or both, also for local music
ability to stream specific internet radio stations, like wglt radio
any chance of being able to stream video to the display ?
perhaps a slideshow support for the homescreen (a la photo display frames)
tide time skill, plus marine forecasts for your local area (am a sailor)
A hook up to epg guides, for when your favorite show comes on
finally, it would be nice to query mycroft for what commands it responds to, for each skill, or at least to look out on the filesystem for where they’re stored.
Hope this isn’t too much :slight_smile:

Hey Colin, this is a great list of things!

A quick response to a couple of these:

  • Dinkum is very fresh so most of the Skills from the Marketplace aren’t yet compatible, but we’ve just published docs to help people port Skills across.
  • Docs are expanding every week - and I expect there will be new topics coming out of the bugs and feature requests reported here.
  • Network share for music - I’ve made a dedicated thread for this here as I started looking into it myself:
    Use network drive for Jukebox Music
  • For video stream - this is totally doable - I’m curious what sort of streams you are thinking about? Eg sites like peertube / youtube / vimeo, streaming content providers like netflix etc, or local media servers like Plex / Emby / Jellyfin / Kodi?

To maximise the chance of us dedicating time to these (and this goes for anyone reading along too), I’d recommend posting requests as a dedicated thread as this allows others to up vote it, discuss details, as well as posting solutions to it.

Thanks for all you guys work here, am sure its got a lot more frenetic since the mark2s started rolling out !
The network share, for local music, would also be useful for any “slideshow” skill that also shows up, with local jpgs…
As to the video streams, not so much interested in the netflix/kodi/etc streams, but as I live in florida, would love to be able to stream local channels for hurricane updates etc. This would have a personal skill settings list of url’s similar to that used for the home screen display.
Again, not sure how possible this all is, wish I could program in python, I’m still a Perl person :frowning:
Will follow your advice as to dedicated threads.

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It seems inconsistent to me to release a “retail” product, the Mark II, intended for end-users, with very limited functionality, and then leave it up to those users to port existing Skills by editing source code and installing files manually. Not only is that error-prone, but it’s likely to discourage Skill support & development from community members who now need to maintain code across different (incompatible) application stacks.

Certainly it’s possible to port the skills over, and it doesn’t look terribly difficult, but it really does send a mixed message about the intended customers for this product.


I noticed the screen is very basic as well as the media capabilities. Perhaps utilizing a deeper integration in Kodi platform. Let that project manage the multimedia aspect and Mycroft simply makes API calls to it. The screen could certainly benefit from the eye candy as well.