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Move It

User story:

_As a working from home user I want this Skill to have timing and reminder features so that I can achieve standing up reminders every 30 min’s.
eg. I would like to voice activate the skill perhaps with a prompt for the number of min’s. The skill will run a background timer and voice announce me to “stand up” or “sit down”.

**No other services or data sets or platforms should be needed.

**There are similar but not the same skills with the needed continuing run of the timer. **

**“Start Moving” or something similar. **

**Mycroft would speak: “Move It is started”; “Stand Up”; “Sit Down”; “Move It is now stopped” **

What Skill Settings will this Skill need to store? (Error- the skills settings page could not be accessed)

Other comments?

Sitting for extended periods of time has been identified as a health issue. Many folks are acquiring desks that allow them to stand or sit while working on their computers. This skill would be of benefit to ones health with a regular reminder to stand up at your desk. Or just to get up for a moment to stretch and move your position.

Hi @Allan_May

That is a great skill suggestion :+1:

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I’m not sure, but isn’t this better realized within the framework of reminder skill by adding a reoccuring reminder?

intent: remind me of standing up every 10 minutes

Well I wasn’t sure that a recurring reminder could be setup as needed. I thought a recurring reminder would repeat at a specific day and time. For the move it we need a reminder, say, every 30 min’s or whatever the user wants. But we also need to control when to start the reminders and when to end them, for example at the beginning and the end of the work day, however many hours that might be.

My bad, i mixed up mycroft-timer with mycroft-reminder (indeed the skill just recognizes timedate). Yet the same would apply to mycroft-timer (which extracts duration and has named timers) I’ll look into it.

Have rewritten the skill passages to also host recurring timer. I have to look at the intents/vocs/regex to get it right but it works in german language. If you don’t mind (or anybody else :wink: ) i would post the test git here.

Sorry I wish I could help but I’m not a programmer. But I do appreciate your efforts on my Move It suggestion!

unluckily i just nearly broke my finger and now i carry a wrist-finger splint. So this might take a little longer

Yikes! So sorry to hear about that. Maybe programmers should have special insurance for their fingers :rofl: