MQTT Skill - Unable to test it out

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am currently working on a MQTT skill. I forked the project from JamieHoward430 here.
My repo is here by the way.

My problem is that Mycroft does not recognized my intent. I’ve sent the source code in /opt/mycroft/skills/. Am I missing anything ? I can’t find any doc to help me out.

Hi, @john-ee, thanks for flagging this. Can you please tell me how your Intent is configured? Can you show us the code?

My source code is this link :
I reused jamiehoward340’s code, which I did not take the time to test out first.

Are there any errors in your skills-log? I had a quick look at the code, but couldn’t see anything immediately obvious. Information on where to find logs is at:

The reason I ask is that if there is a syntax error in the intent handler, the intent won’t be handled.

If it can help, I implemented MQTT in my ESP8266-skill.

Here is the source code :

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