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Multiple remote mic/speaker

So I’m wondering how Mycroft handles multiple remote mics. Say if I were to have a small Pi + mic-array in each room, and feed back the audio over the network (probably via PulseAudio), and feed each into Mycroft on my more powerful home NAS/server. Could that work? What about the possibility of Mycroft figuring out which room I’m in based on which of the mic audio streams was the loudest?

I did see Picroft Multiple rooms, which is obviously quite similar, but from close to a year ago so things may have changed .

It doesn’t currently. They’d each be separate instances. What you’re asking about is on the long-term road map, but not here yet.

Gotcha, thanks. Was just checking in as to the current state. As I said, last update was nearly a year ago.

Which side of the long-term road map? “we’ll get to it eventually”, or “it’s important to us and we’re trying to get to it Soon™”? The former implies some day, maybe. The later is maybe in the next year or two (in my mind at least).

It’s important to enough community members that there’s efforts outside of, and after mark 2 push is over, it may get attention.

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Oh awesome, ok, thanks!

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Any progress on this?