[Music] Spotify


Hi @Patata, the Skill Author must first submit them, then they go through a Skill Acceptance Process.


As for a voice assistant I’d ask of something different than just “play pause bla”

Features I’d love to see instead are more AI
"suggest me some genres".
“let me try genre xyz”
“I like genre xyz” (remember this for the next point)
“list my favorite genres”
“play something XYZ” (relaxing, happy, moody…)
“play something else that is XYZ” (relaxing, happy, moody…)
“play more like that”
“what’s the genre for that song”
“like the song”
“dislike the song”
“delete from my library”
“add to my library” (and tag it to a playlist mycroft so I can categorize it later on the client if I want"


Make it smart. Make it AI :slight_smile:


i would not mind at all for someone else to submit my skills, that way i can spend my time making more skills!

i have so many skills, i need to find quite some time to get them up to date (py3 and tests)


I like the way you think @dottedfish.

Taking this a step further, you could also imagine understanding the user’s patterns and pre-empting a request:

It's been a long day for you $NAME, shall I play some $GENRE music?


Sorry to drag up an old post, but some of this isn’t as difficult as it initially looks.

You have the Get a User’s Top Artists and Tracks endpoint which, funnily enough gives you artists and tracks based on the users past plays.

Then from that you get the seeds (or artist/genre ids to cut the naff lingo) and use them on the Get Recommendations Based on Seeds endpoint

I have yet to really look into or test this, but when I get a free moment I’ll have a play. I’d like to expand the Spotfiy skill at some point…

source of info: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17874851/can-i-use-the-spotify-recommendation-intelligence-in-an-app


Spotify Idea submission for an official Spotify skill for Mycroft:

Go vote for an official Spotify skill for Mycroft!!! :musical_note:

if anyone has good suggestions for wording I’d be happy to change it.