[Music] Squeeze box / Logitech Media Server control


I’m a long-time LMS user, and I picked up on this skill a few days ago via @sanderant post on the Squeezebox forums. I repurposed a Pi3+ with a Jabra borrowed from work and had some fun getting it all to work, at least with some of the standard skills.

I have installed your Squeezebox skill, and configured it with details of my LMS server and main player. But I just can’t see how to use the skill (I am new to this Mycroft/Picroft thing) - or even check whether it’s functioning, so any pointers would be helpful. For example, where do I find the various logs that I could use to identify the issues? And even, what are the commands to ask Mycroft to play from LMS?



Hey @GrumpyBob the best thing is to check the skills log. The process can be a little frustrating to be sure, but if you can grep the skills log that is where I found the most help.

grep -i squeeze /var/log/mycroft/skills.log | less