Mycroft and 1937 Marconi radio

I am working on my upgrading my 1937 Marconi radio to include voice control.

See details here,154409.0.html

Will need some help with the problems that are present in the raspberry pi image to get this project done.

Please follow this thread and contribute to making it a success.


Thanks @legtod2 - that looks like a pretty cool project. What sort of help do you need with the RPi image? What isn’t working for you?


I will start with documentation related with getting mopidy as a service, pulse audio as a service, and tying every thing together.

I could probably best go through it in this thread by doing a fresh install on my pi 3 then give details from there.

Key ingrediants
Raspberry pi 3
Jessie lite or better
Fresh install from scratch mycroft
Add mopidy skills
Add default skills
Add mopidy web client

From these key ingrediant I will use the resulting pi for the 1937. Marconi as a radio mopidy center

Kathy do you see any items I should subsitute ?

Hey @legtod2, this sounds like a great project to work on.

  • You will definitely need a Raspberry Pi 3 - the earlier models are too slow to handle the Mycroft processing
  • Jessie lite is what we’re currently using, although I know that @steve.penrod and his team are working on a new Picroft build that will be based around Raspbian Stretch
  • I would definitely install the IP skill and the system skills so that it makes it easier to do troubleshooting
  • Also, recommend installing the playback-control skill as well

Hope this helps, and keep us posted!

Kind regards,