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πŸŽ‰ Mycroft Core v19.8.3

:bug: Updates and bugfixes:
  • Fix the recognizer_loop:wakeword message. This is now sent as soon as the wakeword is detected. Thanks to @speedfox-uk for identifying and fixing this.
  • Improved STT and TTS error handling, that falls back to default services.
  • Faster external interaction with the messagebus, for those interacting with commandline tools.
  • Removed support for Python 3.4 which has reached it’s end-of-life. This also allows us to push forward with newer features of Python and upgrade to newer third-party packages. Ake has penned a farewell poem in the release notes, so definitely worthing checking out the detailed notes for this release.
  • A range of additional bugfixes

:link: See all the details in the v19.8.3 release notes.

:mage: A special thanks to @speedfox-uk our Community contributor for this release.