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πŸŽ‰ Mycroft Core v19.8.5

:tada: Mycroft Core v19.8.5 :tada:

:christmas_tree: In this update we:
  • Improved Settings management for Skills
  • Added support for Porcupine hotword engine - big thanks to @alumae
  • Upgraded Python dependency on Red Hat - big thanks to @maxbachmann
  • Fixed GUI MessageBus connection issue caused by Tornado upgrade
  • Fixed DEBUG messages not displaying in CLI after log level change
  • Fixed handling of hotword settings
  • Improved language parsing of percentages and time resolution - big thanks to @ChanceNCounter
  • Updated the technical documentation - big thanks to @PFischbeck
  • A range of additional bugfixes

See all the details in the v19.8.5 release notes.

As it’s the end of the year, we also wanted to give a special thanks to all of our Community Members, including the:

:woman_astronaut: 41 who have contributed to mycroft-core in 2019!
:woman_technologist: 305 who have contributed to one or more of Mycroft’s Github repo’s over the last four years!
:speech_balloon: 1,278 who have helped Translate Mycroft into over 50 languages.
:cowboy_hat_face: countless others who have helped their peers in the Community by answering questions, debug issues, reporting bugs, promoting Mycroft, opted-in to share their data with the project, tagged data, reviewed Skills for the Marketplace, and of course to each of our financial Supporters!