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πŸŽ‰ Mycroft Core v20.2.2 Release

This release is focused on testing and includes the Voight Kampff test suite along with improved unit tests. Of course, the wheels of the community are always spinning so there are plenty of juicy additions and fixes too.

You might need a :coffee: to get through this one!

:rocket: New features:

  • Introducing the Voight Kampff, a new behavioral-based integration test suite. Find out more in this thread, and stay tuned for more details over the coming weeks.
  • The use of multiple simultaneous Snowboy hotwords is now possible thanks to the awesome work of @dalgwen
  • Listening timeouts are now configurable allowing longer voice input or timeout periods after silence, courtesy of the always excellent @AIIX
  • Amazon’s Polly TTS service is now supported thanks to the unstoppable @JarbasAl. Checkout the docs to get setup.
  • Google TTS now attempts to automatically determine the users language from their global configuration. Big thanks to @luca-vercelli

:bug: Bug fixes and updates:

  • Lingua Franca has been upgraded to v0.2.1 fixing some issues rendering numbers and dates. Huge thanks to everyone contributing to that project, particularly @ChanceNCounter
  • IBM Watson TTS has been updated to match their new API. We also send the Watson-Learning-Opt-Out flag by default because we don’t think your data should be logged by default. That’s just the way we do things at Mycroft.
  • The shutdown process of Skills and enclosures has been improved allowing them to gracefully shutdown.
  • Mycroft-GUI bus connection has been simplified to use a single websocket whilst still isolating clients.
  • Fixed some bugs in the converse system which is used anytime Mycroft is asking you a question.
  • Improved Danish support from the always reliable @andlo
  • Updated documentation on running core without a backend by @kelnos
  • Spelling fixes courtesy of @tycrek
  • Fix possible voice client crash if mic is initialized muted
  • Fix display of version on for non-Mark-1 devices

See all the details in the v20.2.2 release notes, and another massive thanks to all of our Community Contributors!