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Mycroft Dev Sync 2021-11-18

Related to logging, can verbosity also be added? (this was discussed in another thread).

For example, an utterance such as “Hey Mycroft, be more verbose” would add a lot more information to the log files, Then “Hey Mycroft, be very verbose” could both add to the log files, and also Mycroft would speak with much more detail about paths taken and decisions made.

Just my two cents…

-Mike M
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Yeah I think we can get a lot better at logging the right things and being more consistent with how much is logged at different levels.

I’m also very interested with the proposed Services / Activities / Events structure at what this will mean for our ability to improve tracing and observability. Rather than making assumptions about what happened within the system based on logs, we should be able to know the relationship between the different activities and events that happen.

For example instead of the current scenario which might look like: “OK there’s a log line with some TTS output and then a few lines down this thing happened, so maybe something from that utterance caused a strange side effect?”
We can work toward a complete ‘traceback’: “this error occured during this activity, which itself was part of this specific interaction”.

Tracing I think will help us to answer a lot of the questions we are asking in a much better way. But also - better logging is still better.

Agreed, in the code I write in my day job, all scripts have the flags verbose (-v), very verbose (-V) and trace (-x) (and if the scripts are in bash, it’s easy to just do a ‘set -x’ for trace).

-Mike M
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