Mycroft Dikum Sandbox Issues

Hello! Since I have a MKII on order, I thought I would setup a Sandbox on RPi 4 to start playing with it, and I am having some issues:

1- I keep getting kicked out of an SSH session (Connection Reset)
2- It will often times take me several attempts to even get into the session (timing out, the Pi is on a wired connection on the same LAN)
3- I wanted to test using a USB microphone and speaker, and wanted to see if there was a way to test. (All of the documentation refers to a mycroft-cli command that may not exist on Dikum?)

Looking forward to getting to play with it so I can kick ole Alexa out!

Well, it seems that booting without a display seems to have resolved the SSH issues? Still looking at how to configure it to use the USB Speaker and Microphone.

EDIT - Maybe because without a display Mycroft isnt running?