Mycroft does not work with SSH


When I login to Mycroft using a connected keyboard and screen Picroft works perfectly. But, when I connect using SSH it seems Mycroft does not have access to the microphone and speakers. What kind of settings would I need to alter to change this? Thanks a lot.


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When you say that Mycroft doesn’t have access to the mic and speakers, are they working until you SSH in, and then stop working? Or are you trying to start Mycroft’s services via SSH?

When you login via SSH you create a new shell and it attempts to connect to the existing processes that are meant to have been started already by Picroft’s normal boot process. If that’s not booting properly, perhaps this thread is related.

If the services aren’t already running, when you SSH in the CLI would display but there would be no sound or response. If you hit Ctrl+C to exit the CLI and run mycroft-start all this will start all the necessary services in the background. You can then run mycroft-cli-client or just wait until it’s had time to load all the skills etc. You can then exit this shell and the services will continue to run.

Let me know if this helps or if I’ve misinterpreted the situation :slight_smile: