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Hello everyone i am hight schools teacher and i use Mycroft to teach kids programming and also show case A.I and how it works . This year we are planing to use Mycroft to make our huge space spider robot 3m toll and 6 meters wide (please see link below) to talk and respond to students and i will like some help to brainstorm o how to incorporate the device into the robot .


If only I had such a cool teacher when i was young💪🏻


Doesn’t help with your particular project, but since you said “Mycroft for education,” here’s a kit. One of our most active and prominent community devs is also a Chatterbox dev.

Your students are older than the target audience for the kit, though the idea is that the AI grows with the kid, so if they’d had the kit, they’d probably still be building on their original instance of Mycroft.

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Thanks :slight_smile: trying my best :slight_smile:

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I need to buy the mycroft k1 first version then we will adapt the led face on the huge robot . But is out of stock can we buy one from someone in this forum ?

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My two cents: that’s too old, can’t do any recent good stuff. Write your own LED controller :man_shrugging:

If you need an existing smart speaker design to use as a base, you’ve got newer options. They’re all in limbo, but they’re all more functional than the Mk1:

  • The Mk2 isn’t out yet, but it will be. The operative components are a daughter board, made by MycroftAI, and a Pi4, with a touchscreen. They’ve provided STL files for the enclosure. I doubt you could RYO, but that does remind me to ask @gez-mycroft whether MycroftAI is considering the SJ-201 audio board as a standalone product for makers
  • Picroft is less attended at the moment, while MycroftAI is in Product Release Mode, but it still exists
  • OpenVoiceOS is in prealpha (images available for the brave.) It’s a community smart speaker image. Same dev team as HiveMind, which is why HiveMind has gotten so little attention lately. We’re looking where our users are looking. I probably wouldn’t recommend it for your classroom, but there’s a decent chance we hit alpha 1 before the Mk2 becomes available, so you should know we exist.

Write your own LED controller Advice where to get started on this ? We have allready installed Mycroft on a Rasbery pi with microphone and everything so wee need some how to traslate voice and eye movement. Any help on how to do that? Or where to start?

Once you break out the soldering iron, I’m nearly useless =P

I was hoping to get more support or something a bit disappointed to be honest

Hey @elpidoforo welcome to the Forums. That giant space spider looks epic!

We have very limited stock available until the mass production kicks in. However it is an awesome project so I’d love to help you out if we can. Can you send me some more details about the project to and I’ll see what I can rustle up.

@ChanceNCounter re the SJ201’s as a standalone product - it’s definitely on our minds however that also requires a bunch of time and investment to startup and maintain an extra product line and fulfillment process. So it won’t be happening before the first Mark II’s ship, but personally I’d love to do it soon after.

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Thanks i will will email you today

@elpidoforo Easiest to implement i guess would be an apa102 led string. If you will google for that you are on your way in no time i hink​:+1:t2::muscle:t2:

I just realized I misunderstood the question, or else miscommunicated the solution.

I meant, write your own LED controller for some other LED setup. I don’t know if anybody is still using the Mk1 faceplate code. It might still work. I’ve never had a device to try it on. All the newer devices I mentioned have or support “real” displays.

At this point, I think your best bet would be to join the chat server, because there are a lot of directions from which you could approach every step of this project, both in terms of how the Mycroft parts work and in terms of how they talk to the non-Mycroft bits

All the newer devices I mentioned have or support “real” displas

Ok how can i join the chat server ?

There’s a navbar at the top that only reappears when you scroll up (blame the forum software =P)

it’s in there