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Mycroft hears the darndest things

I think there should be a forum for posting weird, and/or funny non sequiturs Mycroft comes up with. For example, yesterday I was ranting about something on the phone, and Mycroft apparently thought he heard his name (he does that a lot, it seems like). He piped up and said, “Oh you can, can you…?”. After the call I went back to see what he thought he heard. It was “I can get you pictures of owls.” Not sure what I was talking about, but I was making an appointment with an oral surgeon, and I’m pretty sure owls didn’t come up in the conversation. Or pictures, for that matter… ;p


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Haha … well a while ago I shared this with some friends but I think it’s worth a copy here - it’s long but there are some great snippets in there:

OK… so I’ve been playing with a new open-source voice assistant recently. I wrote a shopping list app for it (which is basically the “hello world” of speech recognition systems). So far so good. Nothing too noteworthy…

Here’s next week’s shopping list… starts off normal enough. However I then accidentally muted the system so I didn’t hear it saying “Added” or “Anything else?” and over the next several days I triggered it several times by mistake…

orange juice
tartar sauce
five bananas
no number
re paying for them now
at least keeping some stuff around
enough that we should have done some of them is being used i’ve gotten img system up there that’s not being used donkeys years and there’s nothing useful on it
cemetery hardware
dangerous to things that were dbms would probably be
harrah’s ksib sw is
best of me might work
i’m not sure where we all around builds working 4:15 to i have touch relooked
i’m not sure supervisor fool
play some stuff tyson 303 bus trinet
yeah i’m looking it down thinking wet wet
because python free stuff
that’s the point
butt busted with fluids
that’s that’s not quite yet but moving the python3 bushnell pswa
no play free version i would have to look at it
it’s either in the spec
yeah you know the one
i thought of myself
oh sorry sorry
should be in mint
produces both
are you
westmont fl
play special 3
webhook the webhook is pointing bsw at the vfw price in three branch government
i change the branch and roll webhook
i think i meant to balance a good idea
i think that we should have
have an immature
lbc branches mint
which is
shango 11 branch avenue using frangie test
this is a branch
around the faucet to my home project
was rodger we had cuz now
will be associated packages in india
what is 11
caching proxy pu info
okay that’s slightly different because i can post bosch expansion is old symlink stuff and i’ve had bosch expansion fail win
assembling some paid some of the symbolic link
countries import. i’ll send links
i’m just saying if it was a type of expansion it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s reading profit could be falling assembling just just kind of mentioned
most of my stuff
coming along i think i blocked by this dracula tissue which really only seems to have effectively her 16 which i was a bit surprised about
say if you want to shower
do the thing used to play but when when i have no freaking clue hydrocolloid work
you basic because it takes out stuff
display what i’ve done is that specified here all the modules that we want in our
it really seemed to be
it does not really systemd inside and it’s hard to eat it it’s possible
it works
and then we we actually understand sitting systemd quite well
the build-up turn on their boots
my wrist job would run on that then hung
kc builders using gum sp2
which is suboptimal
steam not going to go full
i’m going to i’m going to see if i can find a way to do jwonn which is which is my next step
a bit sad
arrest executable using sb2
he’s hanging so
and that’s just making me
it might be that we get to that level i mean
i have compiled a hello world
ruby x86
file for the other version
and accidentally b&b lighting
as well.
i hit a bit of a cunt of a
i found locked in a big block ford gt 2000 seconds
but i don’t i haven’t noticed that
hey mike that’s that’s where we are with that it’s some
it’s going to be kind of candy that she will cool
yeah yeah so but my guess is it’s going to be a speech iran

That was literally the contents of shopping.json :slight_smile: