Mycroft keeps lowering volume unprompted?

I just set up MyCroft in a Debian VM on my Mac for testing (my company is hoping to utilize it in a future product), but for some reason it seems to keep turning down its volume, unprompted? I assumed it probably has to do with the “auto volume”, but asking the system to “set auto volume to off”, or “disable auto volume” doesn’t seem to have any effect (it reports the current volume, but it continues dropping).

Example of the “conversation” I keep experiencing:
set volume to 5
>>> Volume changed to 5
what is your volume
>>> The volume is at 3
what is your volume
>>> The volume is at 1

How can I fix this?

Also (seemingly at least mostly unrelated), it seems to intermittently go completely deaf and mute until restarted, or some random point a little later, when it’ll start working again, although the debug terminal commands still work throughout the issue.

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Guessing here, but perhaps some fading module - Suspending module of PulseAudio?!?

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If you have the Auto-volume Skill installed, can you try removing that and see if you get the same results?

It’s a Community contributed Skill so not tested as deeply as default Skills.