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Mycroft languages


We should start putting together translation teams. @Winael - I think it’s a great idea for the community to organize into different language teams, then we can plug everyone into the project on that front.

@Winael would you be comfortable being in charge of organizing the different language teams?


Hey ! I’m ready to join he french community :slight_smile:


@ryanleesipes Thx for the proposal, but unfortunately I haven’t so much time to be responsible for something. I just could help on my free time when I have some

On we have a LoCo category. Maybe first we could create a meta category with sub category for language team, where language team member could exchange in their language, and where they could organize translation

What do you use for internalization ?


If there’s any chance, I could help with Slovakian (and possibly Czech too) translation :wink:


#SpanishMycroftTeam at the moment @ivangf05 and @malevolent :grin:


Count me in! :slight_smile: #SpanishMycroftTeam FTW!!


French mother tongue too. Can join #FrenchMycroftTeam if needed ! :wink:


@ryanleesipes Now you really have to create LoCo Team subdirectory. You still don’t answer my question about the tools used for translation. Could you give us any clue ?


Russian native speaker support is here too :+1:


I can help with Polish support.


I’m French, I can help !!! :grinning:


I can help with Italian translation!


Joining for the German team here!


Hi, how could I help to work in a Spanish translation, more specific a Mexican Spanish translation.
I also know a some Esperanto. I am really interested in helping with something specially because I would really love to learn about AI software design.


I guess now that Adapt is out, we should start plugging people in for translation. @seanfitz and @jdorleans could you guys provide any insight to what if anything could be done to coordinate this effort, and what is needed?


I’ve opened up some issues on adapt for Spanish, French, and German.

Feel free to add additional issues for languages as you see fit, and I’m happy to review any pull requests in this space. I probably won’t be a lot of help, as my German and Spanish is each about 10 years rusty. French is basically Greek to me :slight_smile:


I can help with russian language support. I’m native speaker, have some experience with programming languages like C, C++, ruby, perl, go. I have Raspberry Pi B and can use it for experiments :wink:
How can I help? I’m interested for good russian language support!


From what I have been able to determine from the parser code (hey, about some comments guys?), it does not analyze grammatical structure at all. It looks for non-overlapping occurences of known category words, mostly names of things and applicable verbs. It is not clear if it worries about word order at all.

While this does limit the ability to process fine distinctions, it does make the parser processing pretty language independant.

However, to get high quality speech-to-text, the speech recognizer does need to know about all those other words (particles, prepositions, articles, pronouns) in order to detect word boundaries i the first place. And knowing what word orders are allowed provides useful information about what word orders are not allowed and should be eliminated from possible results. This part is highly language specific.

Early speech recognition research at CMU decades ago showed that recognition accuracy goes up the more the recognizer knows what is, and is not, a valid “utterance”. You can’t just give it a big dictionary of words.


Another Dutch guy,ready to help!


Hi! My name is David Martínez and I study computer engineering at the university of Alicante, I’m programming c / c ++ and I would like help to mycroft Spanish translations.