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Mycroft languages


@dmg87 you could very certainly help to port Mimic to support the Spanish language.


me too… es_ES I work doing computer security red team(ethical hacking) will be interested in porting some security features to the project, and QA the Spanish language.


I can help for French support in Adapt or Mimic if needed :wink:
Just tell me how I can help and I will do it. :slight_smile:


@DarkSide we could use some French skills, which @jdorleans might be able to advise you on. Also, @forslund or @zeehio could probably help get you introduced to Mimic so we can begin planning support for other language. Not sure how difficult that undertaking is going to be.


I’d like to make some alternative English dictionaries for Mycroft’s dialog. For instance, the British use different saying than we do here in the USA, en-gb instead of en-us, and they might appreciate hearing their own colloquialisms. But my interest is to give Mycroft a bit more attitude, more of an English-Rude vocabulary. That is, I want my artificial intelligence assistant to have the ability to swear like a pirate. Besides being fun, having this sort of skill will set Mycroft apart from the painfully politically correct closed source offerings.

So, is there any way to make alternative vocabularies and dialogs for the built in, core, skills? It wouldn’t need to change how Mycroft speaks or processes language, but just would replace or supplement the default language. Any pointers on how to start developing this would be appreciated.


I’m a german software engineer and i believe in this product.
So I would help


I wanted to know if you have support for the Brazilian Portuguese language


Since the skills of Mycroft will always outpace the translations desired, perhaps a setting for a ‘fall-back’ language, in addition to the default language, should be included in the configuration. The default language would be the preferred language for the user to converse in, whereas the fall-back language would be a more common language that skills are likely to ship with.

Besides making Mycroft immediately more integrated for the non-English speaking world while still retaining maximum functionality, this would also let us have customized language ‘dialects’ within a particular language. For instance, Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese as Leonardo_Jose mentioned, or English and Bad English, etc.


Hello world, kudos to all of you.

I’m here to help with Serbian language if you need any help. Till now, i am a serbian language team manager for project at transifex( Feel free to contact me.


Do you mean this Jasper Project ? It’s a grate project as well. I’ve made my own branch and translated it to polish - works pretty well. As the matter of fact, I’ve been recently trying to use it along with Kinect to solve problem with speaking from distance. How did you managed to combine Kinect and Jasper? SKD for Kinect works only on Windows - did you port Jasper to Windows? Any hint would be very helpfull.


Swedish here :slight_smile:
Choice of male or female voice would be nice !


I would like to do contribution to this project with Sinhala lanuage.

What are the supported languages?

well, where somebody can start for “teach” Mycroft to talk and understand other languages ?


The Mimic team is starting work on Spanish. This work requires programming knowledge, C++ specifically. There is also an effort to get Open STT rolling from the InMoov guys. See their Facebook group at:, particularly the Dec 2nd posting.


And… what about Italian?


How would one start teaching Mycroft to speak new language?
Any guides or documentation about that?


Hey, I’m Brazilian and wanna know too.


Hey guys, I’m Brazilian guy, and wanna help…

I dont know to programming, But I wanna help !!


Sorry, we speak in Portuguese.


Me too! I would like to learn how Mycroft works and help to translate it for brazilian portuguese. :slight_smile: