Mycroft languages


I would like to do contribution to this project with Singlish, a localized English in Singapore. Perhaps also Chinese. Can anyone advise how I should get started?


HI, I am working on it. I just uploaded a file…but I still have to understand what to do whit it.


I’m wondering if a Brazilian Portuguese version is planned, too.


Ready for help to translate to Brazilian Portuguese



Should we push them to this project:

I am getting a lot of interest in this topic, but I am not sure what the best way for them to get started with this.



@nate-mycroft That’s a good starting point. It describes the steps to localize skills and mycroft core.


One more for Brazilian Portuguese


I too can help with Dutch! Secondary help with German, if needed.


Before starting up language teams, I think it would be useful to know where the I18n and L10n files are hiding, and/or how Mycroft is supposed to be able to speak all the languages.
I’ve looked the docs and the Github Language project, but cannot find any clear information regarding this.
Once the documentation/process for let’s say English is clear, groups will organise themselves.
I’ve found @WLigtenberg for Dutch, I went ahead and translated mycroft/res/text/en-us/ to Dutch.

There are two ways to help, as far as I can see:

  1. Simple translation in the core and in skills
  2. Coding Speech To Text/Text To Speech.

I can currently only help with the first part, and others probably also. I just need to know where all the bits can be found to translate.


A “to be translated to…” mechanism might also help.
I just came across the mycroft-skills repository, but to add a language to any skill, i seem to go into all the skills and fork/clone them to be able to locally work on the dialog files. That could be easier, perhaps?


The word “default” means “fallback”… So in creating a fallback for the default, you’ll create two defaults… :wink:
The preferred language can have a fallback, which would be the default. I guess since this is an Anglophone product from the start, the default (as with so many products) will always be English…


I’d love to help out with the two Indian languages I speak well. :smile:


@Wildernerd Fantastic - out of curiosity which languages are they? Having someone who could speak Hindi / Devanagari would be very helpful. We’re still building the documentation for Language support and hope to make it easier for people to contribute in other languages very soon.


I can do Hindi well, and Marathi to some extent.


प्रशंसा :slight_smile: I am always so embarrassed to speak only one language well, and another poorly.

We have some initial information around other languages at:

We will let you know as soon as we have better documentation around languages.

Kind regards,


Hi! I would like to help with language support. I’m Russian and Ukrainian native speaker. Additionally, I just graduated with Computer Science degree, I know C++ and Python. Also, I have advanced Linux administration skills.


Spesibo @lesh!

Supporting another language is a fair bit of work, but we can certainly provide you with some guidance.

The first place to start is reading through the languages overview here:

The Portuguese documentation is really well written and you can find that here;

You can also find other people interested in language translation on our languages channel at;

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Language should be a priority.

As I’m very excited by Mycroft project, I can’t help feeling like a second class citizen here because I don’t speak english natively, and I feel uncomfortable speaking at mycroft in english, for sure there are plenty of people out there discarding the entire project because the language.

It seems everyone seems focused in a plenty of other (very important) projects… but I repeat, I think is an error not to improve language support on Mycroft. It should be the next Big Feature, not adding more (S)TT(S) engines (like Mozilla’s DeepSpeech, just for english speakers).

I have the Mark I since almost a year and in this time I spent most of the time trying to make it understand my language, but disperse and imprecise documentation made me waste a lot of hours making me feel frustratred, and the few times I got mycroft listen and speak my language, then the upgrades removed all the progress I did (my fault for not to upload somewhere).

I would really love to see some push from the developers’ side in this way before Mark II reaches the market, I’m eager to contribute on Mycroft, but as long it is a english-only AI engine, it will stop me, we all need a democratic AI.

I’m sorry if I sound harsh or just complaining (not intended), but the documentation @KathyReid points isn’t experimental, it is simply useless (it finish in a point it says “it requires manual modification to the source code” and links to a pull-request from a year ago, unclosed and with no code modification at all to try out), so, please devs, make an effort to make it possible… I don’t ask to select my language from a dropdown (yet), but a proper step-by-step guide which doesn’t finish in a black hole because the code isn’t ready to localization. I’m a IT system guy, not a developer so I wouldn’t even know how to start to develop by myself this, but once started I could contribute more actively in other fields.


So sad to see that my post is still in the news :frowning:
To be frank that why I left this project, good luck to every one who keep going.

Sorry for my english, I m still french :wink:


I agree, it should be the next big feature.

I get that the company is focussing on new features like blockchain, better voices, more skills etc, but it’s also true that if you are making a product that is targetting a worldwide audience, it should be able to speak the language of the owner.

Messing with the sourcecode to change the language will keep you busy, since updates will require you to keep changing it almost weekly. I thought about that, but quickly dismissed the idea,

I am very interested what language models will be provided for the new mimic2 voice.