Mycroft Mark 2 STL Files

Thank you for your support it’s very much appreciated.

I am still working hard to get the outside case to look right its a bit of a slow process as I am new to fusion 360 and to the whole more professional CAD designing.

but i am making progress for sure the next major part will be designing the inside and the mounting points as well as finallizing the parts i will be using i am currently debating between using the respeaker 2 mic hat or the respeaker 4 mic hat.

the respeaker 2 mic hat will work and i have tested it on another raspberry pi but its not amazing and leaves a lot a spare space left over as well as being nice and cheap. it also would fit in the current top of the Mycroft design making it much easier to do.

the respeaker 4 mic hat is better at picking up sounds and provides a better audio clip but will not fit in the current mic location it would have to sit 20mm down from the top of the Mycroft and would sit close to the top of the screen how ever would provide a good space for a push button to mute the device.

overall i am thinking of going for the respeaker 4 mic hat as it provides better range and audio quality while not costing the earth to buy.

tell me what you think and if you have any tips for my using fusion 360. :smiley:

thank you once again.

Short update

I am currently working on the front plate of the case which is a difficult shape to create. it is not perfect and still needs some work but I think I am making more progress towards the correct shape. its the correct size however I need to get a smoother shape. what do you think check out the pictures below and tell me what you think?

Front View

Side view

Front and side view


hi everyone,

just a short update, I am still trying to get the correct shape I think this is closer to the Mark 2 design. I am not an expert at fusion 360 by any means.

I am not sure about releasing the file as of yet I was hoping some of the Mycroft staff might have commented but nothing yet. this is just the shell not internal structure.

@derick-mycroft what do you think ?


Hi everyone,

still hard at work when i get the time.

i have done the first full print of the case. so things right of the mark the case is to thin, need screw holes and mounting points added but i wanted to make sure it looked ok before continuing to add more time and effort to this currently design.

what do you think am i close ?

Looks good. Can you make the radius of the top cover similar to the bottom plate or will this conflict with camera?

I think it would conflict with the camera, I have started fusion 360 check points all over the place and offline backs of most of the check points for safety as I don’t want to lose the hard work I have done so far. its possible when the files are release you could go back and edit them.

I agree. I was so excited when that prototype image was released. I was beyond disappointed when they released the zero creativity, cheap 80’s alarm clock rendition. The Mark 1 is sold out, and has been for a while. Such a disappointment. I went from “take my money” to “I wouldn’t put that in my house if you gave it to me.”

I have my own Mycroft AI on a small HP mini Elitedesk, but I would have loved to have a more portable version that actually looked like it belonged in a home and not a garage sale.

Hello Jaylikestomake,
My apologies for not sharing this data over a year ago. You have done a fantastic job of recreating the original Mark II.

Here is the original CAD in STP format of the 2018 Mark II

Here is the original CAD in STP format of the 2020 Mark II

I hope this is of help to you.


thank you very much for the original stp file they are a massive help.

I have not stopped working on my project, I have recently been working on the speaker enclosure.

this is my recently modified version of the PICroft enclosure speaker.

this will be a massive jump towards finishing the project and getting to play with and enjoy my Mycroft project

thank you so much again.


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Looking good. I also exported some simple surfaces of the form before all of the detailing.

This will show you how I smoothly blended the angled display surface to the pill shape (revolve). If you ever want to share your Fusion 360 files, I will take a look.


here is a copy of the last save point for my case.

this zip has both the fusion 360 project file and the stp file.

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I shaped mine all in fusion 360, you should be able to use the project file to step though all the stages of developing the shell.

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Just found this on ThingVerse: Mycroft Voice Assistant Case by codexfons - Thingiverse