Mycroft on a Raspberry Pi error

Hi, im new to mycroft and decided to to set it up on my Raspberry Pi 3. I got through the initial setup fine and mycroft wakes up when i say “Hey Mycroft” but no matter what I say after he says “Sorry I Didn’t Catch That”

Hey Zac,

Welcome to Mycroft!
Just to double check, are you getting an SSL error and “bad write entry”?

That’s an issue with SSL we’re working on fixing in the next day or two.

If you want to get it working right now, we’re trying an update to the SSL version and modifying the config file. If you want to try it,try
sudo pip install requests -U
sudo nano /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mycroft_core-1484348707-py2.7.egg(or just hit tab)/EGG-INFO/requires.txt

and remove the “==2.81” after "requests"
So “requests==2.81” becomes “requests”

The update should get pushed out in the next few days that does the same thing, though.

If you do try it, let us know if it doesn’t work.

Another new user to the the MyCroft system. It would seem that I have a similar issue as listed above. Regardless of what I try it doesn’t seem the voice recognition can determine what is being said.

I tried making the listed adjustments but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

Really like the idea of this project. I will continue to trouble shoot on my own but primarily will look forward to the next release that may have some more of the bugs worked out.

I’ve updated my PiCroft install and have made the edits that Karl suggested. But those don’t work, either.

Hi, everyone having the same issues with my Pi-3, I have tried update,upgrade,raspi-config and crashed when trying sudo pip install requests -U. Hey Mycroft works fine but i get “sorry I did not catch that”

On a whim i thought i’d search for the sorry i didn’t catch that error and found this post before scrapping Mycroft and going back to Alexapi.

The newer SSL version and the requests edit fix worked for me - Pi3 Picroft v0.8 with USB mic - Mycroft worked 1 in 100 times with sorry i didn’t catch that and SSL error and bad write entry in the terminal before the fix but now mycroft catches everything.

Tried this fix, at the moment it has caused an error no connection, will be going back to the 281 setting. Before trying a few other fixes before coming back to this.

Glad to hear the fix worked. We should be pushing an update soon that does the same.

Definitely let us know your thoughts on developing for Mycroft vs Alexa

The edits worked for me when I did reboot the device.

Hey everyone!

We have a new image out if you didn’t know that. It’s downloadable through the same link here:

It should download as a v.08b image. It fixes a lot of the issues everyone was having, especially on initial boot and set up. Let us know what you think!

Hi, I installed latest image yesterday and is now working well, thanks for that now to tackle the next phase i.e. learning about skills.

OK great … I’ve raised a few issues today but will down load this and try out …

Thanks for getting Mycroft on RPi , i think its going to be great for this Mycroft project to have the RPi community aboard … the more Mycroft users/developers the faster this project will advance in features/ skills